Thursday 27 November 2008


Since this sites inception just over 1 month ago, it's had approximately 2700 pages views from over 600 unique visitors (Google Analytics).

I have noticed some international visitors have also been visiting this site and would like to stress that all the contacts and details on this site are for UK based Hutchison 3G customers and that they would need to contact their respective 3 complaints department. What I will do is try and source some international addresses to cater to everyone's needs.

I have had quite a few emails come in with complaints, please keep them coming as your voice cannot be heard if you keep quiet!!
Disclaimer: Please note that we have not affiliation with the Three Mobile network, Hutchison 3G or any of their subsidiaries. This site has not been created to attack the network but to provide a consumer site to assist in resolving issues for Three customers. We welcome any feedback and comments from Three themselves.