Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Latest Complaint email recieved

Regarding unsolcited charges by Three. Customer is currently making his complaint with customer services.

My £15 per month contract with 3 had ended in August 2008 and I contacted 3 customer services to ask for a pay-as-you-go service in October 2008. Unfortunately customer services were not happy with allowing me to go to pay-as-you-go (PAYG); They tried to convince me that there were better services and phones available. 15 minutes of repeating my wishes to go PAYG later I was put on hold as I was transferred onto another customer services advisor to “confirm” my choice of going to PAYG. My wife Sarah was listening to the conversation and found it quite humorous that my simple request was being blatantly ignored.
I was then talking to a customer service advisor called LENE DASS: she was going to offer me a better phone at the same cost of £15 a month. I implicitly told her that I do not use a phone enough to justify £15 a month an that I was more than happy with the phone I had: a Sony Ericsson K800i. She continued to haggle with me that a better phone for £15 a month would be wiser than PAYG. I reiterated numerous times:
· I don’t use my mobile phone enough to justify £15 per month
· I mainly use it for emergencies and as a camera phone.
She then tried to convince me that another phone with less megapixels and a xenon flash would be a better camera phone than my k800i but I was not going to change my mind. Then Lene Dass offered me the Sony Ericsson C902 (as I was on the internet at the time I could bring up the phone and confirm that it was a true upgrade).
Beyond any shadow of a doubt I continued to reiterate I would not pay more than £15 pound a month and that’s all I would pay. Lene Dass had mentioned a video call package and I was adamant that this would be of no use to me and that I would not pay more than £15 a month. I had her implicit assurances that I would not be paying more than £15 a month. I made her assure me several times as there was something in her voice that raised my concerns that she was not telling me the truth: a wavering in her tone that made me concerned that she did not seem confident and clear with her assurances. I made her repeat her promises to me and I repeated my terms: NO MORE THAN £15 PER MONTH.
When I checked my bank statement online I noticed a large payment to 3:
· £105.64 on the 21st Nov 2008.
I checked my 3 statement online and realised that I had been charged £76.596 (ex vat) for a device upgrade charge.

I called back to 3 customer services (Sunday 14th Dec 08) and spoke to a man named Zoficar who assured me that I must have agreed to this charge. I find that insulting to anyone’s intelligence that they could miss such a large payment. He would arrange for Lene Dass to phone me within 24hs.
Lene Dass called me around 9am on Monday 15th December 08. The conversation was deeply upsetting and unpleasant. Lene Dass continually lied to me and told me that she had listened to the tape of our conversation and I had agreed to pay the £90 for the phone and that she had evidence. The idea is preposterous, I asked to speak with a supervisor and eventually I talked to a man who identified himself as Riveed. He assured me that he would listen to the tape and would contact me within 5 days.
Today is the 13th of January 2009 almost a full month has past since I spoke with Riveed: I have received no phone calls from 3. My mobile phone keeps a record of missed phone calls and there have been no phone calls from 3.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Quick Update

I have received a number of emails of complaint to Three which should have been directed to Three themselves so just as a reminder:

This is the Unofficial Three Complaints site and I do not deal with complaints myself I just assist by providing details on how to complain!
Disclaimer: Please note that we have not affiliation with the Three Mobile network, Hutchison 3G or any of their subsidiaries. This site has not been created to attack the network but to provide a consumer site to assist in resolving issues for Three customers. We welcome any feedback and comments from Three themselves.