Wednesday 14 January 2009

Latest Complaint email recieved

Regarding unsolcited charges by Three. Customer is currently making his complaint with customer services.

My £15 per month contract with 3 had ended in August 2008 and I contacted 3 customer services to ask for a pay-as-you-go service in October 2008. Unfortunately customer services were not happy with allowing me to go to pay-as-you-go (PAYG); They tried to convince me that there were better services and phones available. 15 minutes of repeating my wishes to go PAYG later I was put on hold as I was transferred onto another customer services advisor to “confirm” my choice of going to PAYG. My wife Sarah was listening to the conversation and found it quite humorous that my simple request was being blatantly ignored.
I was then talking to a customer service advisor called LENE DASS: she was going to offer me a better phone at the same cost of £15 a month. I implicitly told her that I do not use a phone enough to justify £15 a month an that I was more than happy with the phone I had: a Sony Ericsson K800i. She continued to haggle with me that a better phone for £15 a month would be wiser than PAYG. I reiterated numerous times:
· I don’t use my mobile phone enough to justify £15 per month
· I mainly use it for emergencies and as a camera phone.
She then tried to convince me that another phone with less megapixels and a xenon flash would be a better camera phone than my k800i but I was not going to change my mind. Then Lene Dass offered me the Sony Ericsson C902 (as I was on the internet at the time I could bring up the phone and confirm that it was a true upgrade).
Beyond any shadow of a doubt I continued to reiterate I would not pay more than £15 pound a month and that’s all I would pay. Lene Dass had mentioned a video call package and I was adamant that this would be of no use to me and that I would not pay more than £15 a month. I had her implicit assurances that I would not be paying more than £15 a month. I made her assure me several times as there was something in her voice that raised my concerns that she was not telling me the truth: a wavering in her tone that made me concerned that she did not seem confident and clear with her assurances. I made her repeat her promises to me and I repeated my terms: NO MORE THAN £15 PER MONTH.
When I checked my bank statement online I noticed a large payment to 3:
· £105.64 on the 21st Nov 2008.
I checked my 3 statement online and realised that I had been charged £76.596 (ex vat) for a device upgrade charge.

I called back to 3 customer services (Sunday 14th Dec 08) and spoke to a man named Zoficar who assured me that I must have agreed to this charge. I find that insulting to anyone’s intelligence that they could miss such a large payment. He would arrange for Lene Dass to phone me within 24hs.
Lene Dass called me around 9am on Monday 15th December 08. The conversation was deeply upsetting and unpleasant. Lene Dass continually lied to me and told me that she had listened to the tape of our conversation and I had agreed to pay the £90 for the phone and that she had evidence. The idea is preposterous, I asked to speak with a supervisor and eventually I talked to a man who identified himself as Riveed. He assured me that he would listen to the tape and would contact me within 5 days.
Today is the 13th of January 2009 almost a full month has past since I spoke with Riveed: I have received no phone calls from 3. My mobile phone keeps a record of missed phone calls and there have been no phone calls from 3.


Anonymous said...

A similar thing happened to me. Three telesales called and I upgraded to an N97. During the phone call, I specifically asked if my bill would remain the same - £50. He confirmed this. When I recieved my bill there was an additional £20 add on.

I called customer services and after 20 minutes of 'there is nothing we can do' and 'you will have recieved a letter' - the lady said she had missunderstood my complaint and the £20 was just a one off. Naivly, I accepted this.

This month the additional charge is there again...

I have been lied to twice - I am looking for the complaints procedure.

Anonymous said...

same type of thing happened to me only i was trying to cancel my contract all together because i was fed up. was on the fone for near an hr and the pasted me from post to post and was put through to a man and i told him i didnt want my 3 nomore and he went on and on and i then said i was going pass as you go and he started saying we can over you this and would be better because you wouldnt pay over the amount, i stuck to my guns and he put me on hold after i damanded him to cancel my contact. 15 mins later he came back an gave me my pac code and said my contract would be cancelled. i was unabe to use my pac code coz he gave me a pac code dated 31/12/2099, 90 yrs in the future. so i just got a new number. a month later i get a bill called an asked y i got a bill wen i cancelled and was told there was no orders for cancellation just a pac code because u need to use the pac code to end the contract which is balls. a pac code is an option to keep ur number. that call went on for an hr and they had the cheek to try an sell me a new contract. i got angry and they told me tey would place the order, another month passed and theres another 3 bill through my door, as i refused to pay the last bill, my bill was over 100. i foned up again and same thing, this went on for 5 months. im waiting now for the post. i have gone to and i wrote numerous letters and have had no response. they didnt do there job and now my credit rating is destroyed. i called to speak to the manager, and omg he was useless!! all he said was ill cancel and ull get ur final bil and i said no thats not fair i was ment to get my final bill 5 minths ago and he jst kept sayin i cancel and u get bill. i have been in tears over this and they think its ok, they dont listen to calls coz i asked for the recorded call and they said they didnt have it. if they mess u about report asap!!!

Anonymous said...

a similar thing happened to me i upgraded one of my contracts and was told i would pay no more than £28 p/m i am now paying supposedly £40 p/m although this months bill came in at £44. i know what your thinking (well its only a couple of quid) but when you got afamily to think of it soon mounts up and a was sold the contract in the first place on the understanding a was only to pay £28 p/m how ever this has caused numeruos problems for my finances as they are now saying my contract is £35 p/m plus £4 for not paying direct debit and £1 for paper billing therfore that makes it £40 so for this months bill where did the other £4 come from a removed the spending limit so its not that, i wouldnt mind paying this if this was the actual agreement but its not and as i just recently i found out that i get charged for not paying direct debit and the charge is £4 plus £1 for paper billing. they shouldnt be able to charge you this as they get enough money off the thousands of crontracts they have open with other customers and there is some like me that have 3/4 maybe more contracts with them at a price of any where from £15 p/m. For example say they had 1000 customers that had contracts for £15 p/m thats £15,000 and that is just 1 month then times that by 12 which is £180,00 per year and thats not including the ones that pay say £40 p/m witch would be £40,000 then times 12 thats £480,000 per year they just con everyone its not on.

Anonymous said...

I have had a problem with 3 for the last three months, First my S.E c903 broke down and refused to ring or play any music, sent it in for a repair ( under manufactors warranty )two weeks to find out that they will send me a NEW phone because the said phone is unrepairable.
less than two weeks later the new phone turned itself off, i couldn't turn it on without removing the battery and sim card. It turned on saying NO SIGNAL, SEARCHING then turned off again. Call centre kept asking is the battery charged? and have I tried removing the battery and starting again, I explained over and over that the phone is faulty. So off to be repaired it went ( with the battery and the phone charger as they asked ).
Two weeks later I recieved yet another new phone and a letter stating "your phone was beyond repair " in the book was a phone, charger but no battery, I phoned the Hinder Desk the same day to explain that i was not happy with the service and that if it wasn't for the cancellation fees involved I would have cancelled my contract..
It has taken two phone calls from 3 and still no sign off the battery, but I could go and buy a new one if i liked.
!2 months to go with my contract and can't wait to go to another company.
They don't want to help unless they are selling you extra.....

Anonymous said...

Hi, is there an e-mail address that i could contact the administrator of this website on with a query?

Anonymous said...

threecomplaints @

Astrikor said...


I started a rolling one month contract a week ago only to find that the "3" coverage in my home is zero so I decided to cancel my contract.

Having used the phone ok around town I am happy to pay for my modest usage, but "3" are unable to invoke their 14-days returns arrangement because this requires nil use.

The alternative cancellation requires 30-days notice. As this will put the contract into it's second month I will have to pay for the extra month.

"3" tell me (0844 481 1331) there is no way of cancelling this contract without incurring two months charges even though the phone doesn't work.

Normally if a product is not fit for purpose you can return it for a full refund NOT SO WITH "3"

Anonymous said...

Have also had trouble with 3 and one of their internet dongles which I was assured would work at my home address. It was worse than useless and worked for about 5 minutes a day if I was lucky. As it was on a rolling monthly contract I was told that I would have to pay for another month even though the 30 days notice had been given but it took them that long to reply to me.
Why do these companies use people who can bearly speak English. I would never touch them again with a barge pole.

Anonymous said...

i was so badly insulted and verbally abused by two 3G staffs.I have two direct debit with them,yet still they charged me #5 extra. I called them, to find out why, and whats those charges are for, a lady called Annet said to me its because u don't have a direct debit on this account. i was upset because they i have never recived any statment from them,nither have i paid by post or whatever before.The lady was extremly rude and trethens me that she was going to leave a note on my account,saying that i am refusing to pay the 5 pounds. so i then asked for the person in charged. He pass me on to a man who was worst than the lady,he's name is Rahul .he insulted me in my face calling me a lier, that this is how we go saying things abouth 3G, and making unesessary complains. My GOD I WAS SO DEPRESS... i cried like a baby, no one has ever spoken to me in this manner before.3G staffs are trained to insult their costomers.No eticket,no disipline, absolutely no regards for their costomers who pays their wages.

Anonymous said...

My experience with 3 is that they do not do what they say they will - ie they lie to customers.
I have repeatedly been told that someone will call me back, but I never get a call back. Its frustrating & time wasting.

When I ask to speak to a manager, I am told none is available (!) and one time, was told by call centre staff they did not know the name of their manager!

3 are institutionally liars

Anonymous said...

I completely agree and i work for the call centre for 3

Anonymous said...

Well can you not do some think about it if u work fore them!!

Anonymous said...

One agent working in a call centre cannot change how the full business is ran. To ask that is ridiculous. As your spelling and grammar for that matter!!

Anonymous said...

I am taking three to court, they think I am willing to be thobbed off with a phone repair they say is beyond economical repair, yet I have sent my phone back to it's manufacturer to repair it and they said they could, what are three thinking?

As the law states in small claims I must get them to give a valid response, but if one's not given (which I highly doubt it will be satisfactory, be along the lines of we checked over your phone, I hardly doubt sticking a power cable into a phone is what you'd call investigating if it would work when Samsung have had a look at it and said it will work all it needs is a new internal power socket, not beyond economical repair.

They truly think they can thob people off with half hearted attempts it's time this company realised who really has the power, I am never going with three again ever!

I am being left redundant soon, so looking into some legal clauses to do with them to make them terminate my contract early, their incredibly stupid and naive NOT TO BE TRUSTED!

Anonymous said...

Three have the worst customer services of any network provider...even the police said the same thing when Three told me I had to go to the police to have withheld number calls stopped from calling me.How pathetic is that...bunch of idiots. If I have to call them all I do is snarl at

Anonymous said...

I have had that many problems with 3 wouldnt use them again

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