Friday 24 October 2008

First Steps - Contacting Three Customer Services

A lot of you would have already gone past this stage with no hope as you know how useless 3's customer service is but it is essential that you do complete this part.

But you need logs of all the dates, calls etc.. you have made.So I had an idea, submit your query using their Chat Program, once you get there, click on the green banner where it says "Got a Technical Query? Chat with a tech advisor now" and it will launch an instant messaging chat service for you. This way you should be able to keep records of all your correspondance by copy and pasting the whole conversation and saving it in word, unless anyone can think of a better way?

28/11/08: Quick update to the above statement: It appears that since this site has started that Three have decided to remove their online chat program. Not sure why as there are a variety of factors but it is a disappointment as it was a good way to record your conversations. Hopefully it's only a temporary removal. Please email me if you know otherwise.

I'd say if you've had a couple of weeks of bad luck with them then you should got to Step 2. If they're offering you a replacement for your phone make sure that it is either exactly the same model or a model which is worth more. You can check this by going on to Google Shopping and typing in the make and model of the phone 3 are offering and your existing phone to compare values.

Your composure on the phone/chat service, is essential. Be calm, don't show your anger etc... at them as this will not help you. Remember a lot of these overseas call centres train their staff well to be resilient (But they don't train them in Customer Services!!! ironic isn't it?).

If you are not happy with the outcome of your calls then just tell them it's not good enough and you will be taking your complaint further in writing, which is the next step of making formal letter of complaint to their first line of customer services.

Check out a recent post of possible alternative Three numbers and email addresses

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