Friday 22 June 2012

Your complaint emails

We cannot stress enough, please do NOT send or copy us in on emails directed to the Three network.

They will just get deleted as we do not deal with complaints to the Three network, that is their responsibility.

You are welcome to notify us of an ongoing issue you are having for us to publish on here but that's all we can do.


Unknown said...

Worst custmr servis ever I experiensed with three 3 today.. got a contract found no covrage at my work place got back to the branch to cancel my contract I was told there is no such thing like 14 days return policy exist with 3. And in the name of custmer servis I was told by the rude member of staff DONT TALK ABOUT COVRAGE INFRONT OF OTHER CUSTMERS OR ELSE I WILL KICK YOU OUT.. WOW WELDONE 3 VERY WELDONE THUS IS WHAT YOU AND YOUR STAFF DO WITH THE CUSTMER WHO SPENT 9 YEARS WITH YOU.. I WAS GIVEN THIS KIND RESPECT IN HOULSLOW BRANCH .. GOOD GOING THREE....

Unknown said...

As I need a proof of address I request a hard copy of my ebill on last 22/05/2013 , the guy on telephone told me that it will charge me to get hard copy, I agreed because I had very important document was pending to submit with proof of address , he told me that it will take max 7working days to deliver, I count my last days was 10 working days left, I was fine with 7 working days but it never deliver,

I checked my 3 Account and found it charged me already for hard copy which is not delivering till today 13 working days.

In which world we are living where you need 13 working days to deliver a letter, a free post can deliver within next day but that was paid, a guy told me in the phone that my hard copy bill was dispatched on 23 rd of may but it charged me money for service which I never got and I missed my days to submit the document.

In my all life, with friend and families we never gonna use Three network again , whatever but now can you help me to get that charged money to refund please ?

Do not promise me which you can't do but if you can you can email me



Anonymous said...

i have a number of complaints to make about Three's services after having been a Three customer since 2008.

1. Three was unclear in the selling of their services, which had led me to believe i was renewing a contract, when in fact i was signing up to a new one in addition to the current contract(i was telephoned by a salesman). Note:Is that even legal when you are an existing customer? This had happened on two occasions, as this was visible from two direct debits on bank statements, so that by Feb 2013 i had been paying for multiple contracts amounting to hundreds of pounds.

2. When i phoned Three to ask about the reason for these payments, they said they were unable find any other active contract in my name, and did not recognize the payment reference number for which these payments were made.

3. I made an inquiry with Three to investigate a case of fraud, and i was told their foreign security team would contact me within 72 hours, which they didn't (or because my poor mobile signal couldn't receive the call). I phoned them after this period, and was told i should await longer to hear from foreign security. Eventually i claimed a refund of the money from my bank, after which time Three phoned to tell me i had other active accounts, and owed them all money back, whilst claiming they tried to contact me. But with poor mobile reception how was i supposed to receive it?. could they not have contacted me by post or email to warn me sooner that i did in fact have multiple accounts registered with them?

Basically, very poor customer treatment by Three. I have been financially inconvenienced, miss-sold services, and subject to poor professional practice, and caused much distress.

I would like to know if anyone else has been through similar instances. If you can offer any advice much appreciated.

Jeremy Smith said...

This is not really a complaint to be directed at three more just a bit of impartial advice.

I am convinced legally Three need to produce a contract that I signed on my first mobile phone contract.

I don't think they have this, they ignored my request for information on the 11th of February (when I sent my first letter asking what I had signed up for, to be treated as it were).

If they haven't sent me any real terms and conditions on my last mobile (which I purchased on contract in July last year).

If they cancelled my contract they don't have any ability to take that to court?

I know that I don't have to sign any subsequent contracts with them after the first, but they kept refusing and saying it's under distance selling regulations, but that's only for the sale of goods, it doesn't stipulate an actual contract of service at all.

Am I right about this?

Steve said...

I cancelled 1 of my contracts back in May, as I have 2 other phone contracts with three. I discovered in October that even though I cancelled my contract, Three were still taking money from me. I rang Three to find out why this was and was told that the contract was not cancelled because I had used the internet on 1 day, that was 2 months after the contract should have been cancelled anyway. I asked Three for more details, that they were unable to provide me and said that would investigate the matter and contact me in the next 72 hrs. It is now 3 weeks and still no contact made by Three. This is very poor service and in total with myself and family, we have 7 contracts. If this is the standard of service provided and they take money, they should not be taking, this will be 7 contracts they will have lost. Completely appalled and disappointed with Three's handling of this matter.

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