Saturday 27 December 2008

Recent email sent to me


Id just like to say thanks for making the time to create your web-site. I am currently in a major dispute with 3 and found site very helpful.

Too cut a long story short I purchased a pay monthly phone from a 3 Store only to find that I struggled 2 get a network in & around my home. I got one bar if I was lucky in one room of my house only.

When I brought the phone I got advised to take it away make some calls send some texts & see how I get on. I was then advised if I do struggle and get a bad network take it back within 14 days & they will cancel the agreement.

After 3 days I took the phone back & got told by a manager that they are unable arrange a cancellation. One of the factors was that I have used 30 mins of calls so proves to them that I am happy with the contract. I advised I am happy when I CAN use the phone, reception is fine when I am at work in the City Centre but rubbish when I am at home. They keep telling me that there technicians say network is GOOD.

I have said that I am not happy with there product as I cannot use it for its intended use. I believe I have been miss-sold there product as the sales assistant did not instruct me of any of these details whilst purchasing.

I believe I am within my rights to retun & cancel the phone as per the 14 day cool off, however the manager in shop argues otherwise. The 3 CARE Call Centre have been no help whatsover, stating on many occasions that they cannot help me any further today.

I am now going to write a complaint letter to 3 & copy in Consumer Direct & Trading Standards as I believe that this is unfair. If I knew what I was gettign myself into I would of NEVER gone with 3.

Absolute nightmare company which has caused great stress at this time of year.

If you have any guidance or suggestions please let me know.

Thank You & Kind Regards


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Anonymous said...

Dear Steve, I had exactly the same problem, when 3 days after I purchased the contract to cancel and they refused.
In march, 5 months later, after having raised the issue by mail and post several times, I found myself on the phone with customer service in my house and the man could not here me, call me back several time, he had to acknowledge that the network in my house had a problem: INDEED he could see that I was in a bad area!

When I wrote them to cancel agreement, explaining everything they lied and said the network was fine.

Now we are in July, I just sent them a letter, saying that they must cancel without changes and I put my sim card in the letter.

Also, the phone I had broke down 5 month after I subscribed and they refused to fix it. Some friend told me that my phone was not a real Nokia, the labels were fakes so he could not fix it though manufacturer!!!

Once I paid the bill I actually owe them, I will cancel my DD.

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