Saturday 27 December 2008

Another Recent email sent to me

Thank you creating this website, I have been a 3 customer for around 5 years and had no problems until a year ago, I was miss sold an 18 month contract I requested 12 sold verbally on the phone- but stupidly didnt read through my terms and conditions when they arrived in the post, also problem with requesting a direct debit twice -causing me to go over drawn and 3 would not compensate me for my bank charges despite only wanting to be refunded £15 as a matter of principle as it was there fault they are more willing to loose my business aroung £1500 a year as soon as my mobile and internet contracts end.
..........but more recently my run in is with mobile broadband took it out a year ago and it is useless. Have complained repeatedly spent hours on the phone. Gave up today and asked to end my contract as I am not being provided with the service I paid for and told I cant unless I pay for the outstanding contract- I reminded them of the supply of goods and services act (1982). Seemed to stir them up and got a call back from a manager....but as expected no solution!
So I can hold them in breach of contract I have given them written notice of 14 days to fix the problem before I cancel the direct debit.
I have contacted the OFT and even watchdog!- was really annoyed. And will contact the other offices you suggested.
It did make me laugh this afternoon when trying to request an address to send my formal complaint to and after an hour on the phone discussing the lack of internet access was told by the advisor he couldnt provide me with an address, but could I look on the reply was I would only my internet provider does not provide me with access to the internet ....I was then asked if I would like to take part in a customer satidfaction survey!
Many thanks for the website, and let me know if I can help- its an outrage they are getting away with bullyboy tactics and a sense they are above the law.
Unfortunatley for them it wont work with me.
Kind regards,

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