Friday 20 January 2012

Good tip for sending letters

If you do decide to write to Three, please make sure you send it be Recorded delivery, or if you can afford it Special Delivery, that way you can track when it arrives and start timing your 8 weeks from the date it arrives.

If, AND ONLY IF, 8 weeks has passed with no contact or deadlock letter from Three, contact th ombudsman service and get a reference. Then write one final letter to Three (by recorded post) and at the header of the letter "CC Ombudsman Services: Communications" and send the letter to them making sure you've quoted your reference in the letter too.


Anonymous said...

How can you send a recorded or registered letter when it's a PO Box (no one there to sign)!
Three are absolutely appauling and more needs to be done to stop these morons, what is the point in having a complaints procedure when they just ignore you anyway. It seems they can do what they want whenever they want.

Anonymous said...

All PO Boxes and virtual mailboxes are still in manned locations where someone signs for itm so the signature just confirms it arrived at it's delivery destination. We sent one the other day to a PO Box and it had a physical signature

Unknown said...
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