Thursday 30 October 2008

Consumer Rights and Advice for your Three Complaint

There are a number of sites out there issuing advice on your consumer rights but in reality nobody is more qualified to give you advice on your issues than the followxing sites

The Office of Fair Trading, OFT, have set up the Site Consumer Direct which gives you your rights with most industries including mobile phones. My personal opinion the site content is quite limited but there is an email address and telephone number for you to contact them.
Their advice line is: 08454 04 05 06

We all know about the Citizens Advice Bureau, but I guess not all of us have got round to using them...Well you should! That's what they are there for. You just need to search for your local office and it will provide you with details of how to get there or call them.

Trading Standards. Although I'm not too sure how they could deal with your complaint specifically, I've been informed that they may be able to make an investigation into your complaint BUT they are not a replacement for contacting Otelo or Ofcom who deal with these matters specifically.
Disclaimer: Please note that we have not affiliation with the Three Mobile network, Hutchison 3G or any of their subsidiaries. This site has not been created to attack the network but to provide a consumer site to assist in resolving issues for Three customers. We welcome any feedback and comments from Three themselves.