Tuesday 28 October 2008

How difficult (illegal?) can H3Gs Termination Team make it to leave H3G?

Here is a recent complaint sent to me:

Copy of letter sent to H3G head office and local Trading Standards...

I wish to formally complain about one of your operators in India: xxxx xxxxxx, ID xxxxx.This morning, I spent over 60 minutes, repeatedly asking this operator to accept early termination fee and issue a PAC code.
Within the first 5 minutes, I had explained my reasons for wishing to terminate my contract:
1. Workplace coverage issues (no 3G, intermittent 2G @ postcode TD6 xxx)
2. Internet MAX does not work at all in 2G area (i.e. my workplace).
During the next 45 minutes, your operator repeatedly ignored my requests to process my early termination payment of £xx. Eventually I threatened to report 3UK to my local Trading Standards and requested his name and Operator ID.
At that point, the operator agreed to process my payment, during which he incorrectly entered my card details 2 times, then informed me that your ‘payment gateway’ might be down.
I offered to use a VISA card, which also failed due to ‘gateway issues’.I was then informed that my termination could not be processed and that it would not be possible for someone to call me back when the technical issues were resolved.Under UK law, I have the right to cancel my contract at any time, but Three UK appear to be actively denying my this right and placing obstacles in my way.
Please investigate my complaint and arrange for a UK based 3UK operator to contact me to process the termination request and issue me with a PAC code ate.

N.B. I have contacted my local Trading Standards office and asked them to become involved


Anonymous said...

Dear writer,

I have recently had this very same problem and regrettably have been ignored by '3'! I did get a letter from them but think I need this deadlock letter asap. I have reported the matter to ofcom & their chief exec but still no adequate response.

Their Call Centre Op, Chris Fam (apparently) was blatantly trying to cajole my father (a pensioner) into staying with '3' despite the signal being poor in his house & even went as far as to say, and I quote:

"Well, other people in your area have 3 and they've never complained about the signal"

"Oh its your phone its old and the software is dated. If you upgrade that will be resolved"

I find that ridiculous since his old phone worked fine.

Fingers crossed we get somewhere with these faceless complaint shirkers.

Saj said...

Hi guys. No one will do anything even u put the complain to uk headoffice. Still the people in India will ring you. 3G donot have any customer service in uk

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