Friday 24 October 2008

Step 3 - Taking your Three Complaint Further

If your complaint still hasn't been resolved then you need to fall under one of these 2 categories below in order to move forward

1. It has been 12 weeks since you have registered your first complaint including telephone and Formal complaints to the company itself. I'm guessing this includes if your letters are ignored.

2. You have recieved a "deadlock letter" from the company where they have stated that there is nothing more they are going to do with your complaint.

The Office of Communications, OFCOM are the official regulators of the communications industry and this link will take you to their mobile phone complaints. OFCOM do not deal directly with your complaint but you can submit a survey and they will register & monitor it. If and when they recieve complaints they may decide to investigate the company so it's worth doing this survery first.

Ofcom has approved an Alternative Dispute Resolution Service (ADR) known as Otelo (Office of the Telecommunitcations Ombudsman) who deal with individual complaints once step1 and 2 of the complaints procedure with the company in question have been completed.

Click here to see their complaints procedure which outlines some of the informaiton I've already mentioned in more detail. You should also get a Case Reference for your investigation. I'd suggest ringing or emailing Otelo first regarding your complaint and see what advice they give and leave it with them to arrange a resolution for you.

Don't let 3 Get away with it!!!!

If your problem is very serious then why not submit it to BBC's Watchdog too and shame them? Just a thought....

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