Saturday 28 March 2009

More tips for complaints

I recently received an email from a lovely girl called Amy giving me some additional tips to assist you with getting a complaint resolution:

The persistent demanding of a deadlock letter is amazing - the first time I asked for it I was transferred to a manager (which I had previously had been told was impossible), I continued to disagree with their awful offer (they wanted me to pay £25 for a phone I had on my 3 contract 3 years ago or a free Nokia 3120 which is worth £80 less than a Nokia 6500s). I was told to email the executive office with my request for a deadlock letter ( but they were got Auto response saying they didn't deal with such requests. So I managed to get a lovely 3 shop employee to give me this:

Executive Office, 3, DIRECT LINE (+44) 08707 330 295,

The lady was lovely enough to tell me how to make sure you email got through to the Executive Office so that your complaint could be investigated - in the subject header type: DEADLOCK LETTER in big capitals and to say FOR THE ATTENTION OF THE EXECUTIVE OFFICE in the subject too. The 3 store employee told me to send this email as many times as you feel necessary (I sent off 20 in quick succession with the subject DEADLOCK LETTER NOW).

The 3 store employee also said that I should be persistent with the 333 call centre and demand that they organise you a deadlock letter as you feel you have done enough and that you feel that you email can be ignored. They will say they cannot do this, but if you get put through to a senior enough manager they are authorised to do it for you even if they do this still demand to speak to the head of the call centre. This way 2 people are investigating your problem which means it should be sorted earlier.

Less than 24 hours after the big boss of the Indian call centre called me and offered me a one time special offer of a free nokia e71 and some compensation. I hope everyone else is able to get a similarly good resolution.

Thanks Amy!

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