Thursday 16 October 2008

3 Cold Calling

The irony of it all is even during my complaints process (including yesterday as I was writing on this site, I recieve cold calls from the Indian Call centre and THEY request my password and address. I feel like I'm on fonejacker!!!

I also get calls from from a UK based call center asking me to upgrade even though I only just had my upgrade a few months ago. They never update their systems and apparently the Indian database is totally out of synch with the UK one.


Edit: Recieved an unusual comment from an obviously clueless person.


sam said...

Your solutions are not really productive.
here are some better tips

First Steps - Calling Customer Services

"Remember a lot of these overseas call centers train their staff well to be resilient"

You have do idea do you!!.
This is how it works you call
they pick up .They have 20 people breathing down their necks(quality) (like we care).
They run to the Team coach or team leader if they are told there is nothing they can do they do their hands tied because 3UK makes the rules.

The rep is your best chance of a resolution.
You need to escalate it to their manager (team leader) the team leader is the boss of the customer service rep. The call is first taken by the team coach who is the level higher than the customer rep
The Manager is the guy above the team leader .Not the Manager usually never takes call but if the issue reaches them ,their decision is final . After that you can go take legal action ,any other crap and wont get anything done because they have covered all the bases ie legal etc.

:Other companies such as Vodafone, O2, and Orange offer exceptional customer service, network coverage and deals which can match 3's."

Really ? Yeah right!! Customer who come to 3 come after they had problems on other networks. So please don't try and make it should like they are any better. And they are definitely costlier.

Let me tell you the one ones at 3 who really want to help are the customer rep .

LCharm said...

Following your comments...

You must be kidding me?

I will have to post this on the site as you seem a tad clueless to the problems people are having with 3.

My solutions are in accordance with 3's code of conduct and the OFFICIAL Otelo/Ofcom procedure (heard of them?)

The Ombudsman take cases very seriously and the Call centre reps do not really have much power to deal with them as they are not based in the UK.

Just to orove my point I will also provide a table of the equivelent tariffs from other service providers.

Think before you post next time.

Anonymous said...

I haven't had good experiences with the call centre, they are indeed really not up to date - this week I have been trying to convince them that there is indeed a 3 store in my town...they informed me I must be "incorrect" as there are no 3 stores near me. The store is near where I work.

Veni Vidi Vici said...

Many thanks for setting up this site. I am at the start of my complaints to 3 and this info might help to a speedy resolution.
I too have had the call centre run around where the staff are on their own agenda, rather than solving the problem I am interested in. Since phone conversations seem to be having no effect, I am moving it on up to letters. Dogged persistence will probably win the day.

Anonymous said...

a great site.Was feeling helpless after 3 ruined my credit rating after I paid the bill took over a year to find out that 3 had not recived payment even after sending out the paid recite.Spend 100s of pounds to clear my name but unless 3 remove the blight on our name it stays.Using small claims court to get it settled .

Anonymous said...

Any issues - send info to this so called junior staff..

Anonymous said...

U guys are a lil too dumb than expected rather than creating a whole diff site if all of the above comments were added on the three uk website it would have been a lot easier. i got a resolution in no time 1 day i had a prob the next day it was solved...huh
u guys have way too much of time to waste!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if you are an idiot or not but this site clearly shows it has no affiliation with Three whatsoever and is not designed to attack them in any way so they obviously didn't create this "whole diff site"

If Three's customer services and complaints procedure were up to scratch then there wouldn't be a need for this site and people wouldn't visit!

Jules28 said...

I have spoken to nine different people in 6 days trying to resolve why my phone has suddenly started to eat internet data. Each have given me a different reason/sollution, none of which have worked. I requested my internet to be blocked to save me the stress as it was wracking up a pound an hour!!! They blocked it but i'm still left with no answer and no internet on my phone.

Anonymous said...

Says the person wasting their time writing the comment above that no one wants to hear ... Very ironic

paul said...

ive been trying to get my pac code now for 3 weeks i have 37 days to the end of my contract i have waited over a hour to be told ill have to pay to get my pac ill get a fine to get it had the phone put down on me . if you ring 333 they allways getting a lot of calls you have to wait 30 min or longer ill never come back to 3 now if and when i get my pac code

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