Friday 24 October 2008

Final Steps - Leaving Three

Well the previous step was really the final step but if you find even Otelo cannot sort out a resolution for your complaint out then you are only left with one real option....LEAVE THREE!!! Taking legal action is not really a viable option unless your issue has left you heavily out of pocket.

That's right! ride out your ripoff 18 month contract and leave them for another, more efficient service provider.

It will hit 3 hard if several hundred if not thousand customers leave them, don't fall into another trap even if they offer you a cheaper package as you'll end up back in a vicious circle with them.

Other companies such as Vodafone, O2, and Orange offer exceptional customer service, network coverage and deals which can match 3's.What you need to do is when you are near to the end of a contract, ring 3 customer services (yes again!!!) and ask for your PAC number (Porting Authorisation Code).

This number when given to your new service provider will allow you to keep the same number you have been using with 3.


Paul Finch said...

Can you let the readers know that they should remember, when you ask for a PAC code that it actually REPLACES the 30 day notice period. If, for whatever reason, you do not use it, it will expire - you will NOT have given 30 days notice and you will be required to give another 30 days notice instead.

Lianna said...

I had an awful experience with three back in 2009 and am just having to relive it as after giving me a refund for monies taken they have decided to try and charge me again?!? Their service is abysmal on all levels and I am shocked that they are allowed to get away with it. Their call centre on the phone less than half an hour ago made several errors and then corrected themselves when I asked them to prove it, saying they are only human and make mistakes. After saying they have sent my debt to a collection agency after not sending me any communication I am astonished by the lack of regard for customers and the call centres inabilities!!

Anonymous said...

Truely are rip-offs. Cant wait to finish my contract and LEAVE

Anonymous said...

I have had a bad fraud incident done on my bank account and I mean really bad they even got my address and mobile number the fraudster took out a 24 month contract with 3 mobile, they also took out a Samsung galaxy s3 in my name and 3 gave my details to a debt collection agency after I had waited on the phone to their customer service team for around 40+ minutes and explained my situation to them the police, my bank and various fraud helping agency's and this has been going on for about 2 weeks and is still going on. This it utterly appalling totally unacceptable I don't know what three are doing, I have already stated to them I want the contract cancelled ASAP if they don't ill be taking further action. No one should be having these types of problems I have had enough.

Anonymous said...

My letter to three - just in case you have had similar issues then know that 'Yooou are not aloooone'.

Dear Three,
After various phonecalls to try and cancel my IPAD broadband contract with you my account was still being debited. Many of the phonecalls were unnecessarily long, and because I was phoning from Taiwan the cost was often great as well. Despite the phone calls and assurance that the contract would be stopped I still saw that my account was being debited.

I left the UK on August 23 2012. On that day I tried to cancel the contract but because the phonecall was cut off and then the next call took so long I had to hang up without completing the cancellation. The advisor gave me an email which she said I could use to cancel the contract: But this did not work.

When I arrived in Taiwan I tried phoning again, and after several attempts and a long phone call was told that the contract would be stopped. Later I saw that the account was still being debited. I then cancelled the direct debit via my bank account.

Later my family in the UK told me that they had received several phone calls from three, so I then had to contact three yet again to try to solve the problem. The last phone call to resolve this issue took around 15 to 20 minutes. I was told by the advisor that the contract would now finally be stopped and that she would contact the billing team to see if the money since September could be reimbursed.

This has been rather a huge hassle for me given the technical difficulties in phoning from Taiwan (echoes on the phone line and so on), not to mention for my family in the UK as well.

I would have greatly appreciated it if you would just have an online service whereby customers can stop their contracts with a few mouse clicks rather than have to endure the lengthy questions and phonecalls. Or at least if you could improve the phone service so that calls don’t need to last so long, this would be a step to making this World a happier place.

Anonymous said...

Tried to stop my contract with three when left the UK - many long phonecalls - to no avail - they kept billing the account. There was no internet service - in the end just stopped the direct debit via my bank. Then the billing team started to phone my family home in the UK. Finally got them to stop billing the account and am waiting now to see if they will reimburse the money.

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