Monday 23 April 2012

Latest Complaint Email received

Below is a recent email received from one of our visitors:

I have been a Three customer now for 2 years and was glad for my contract to come to an end and had decided I would leave because of the poor customer services, for example I wanted to end a month to month mobile broadband contract which involved 45 minutes of the advisor trying to sell me another contract and an iPad, when I simply wanted to cancel because I didn’t use it any longer. I was checking prices around and found Three was the cheapest and I was tempted by the new ‘all-you-can-eat’ data offer for internet access. It turned out I could have this and 200 extra minutes, for £3 less a month with a new mobile, on top of that my friend was on Orange which was my next choice but then I overheard a conversation with Orange customer services and it sounded just like Three.

Anyway I am back in a 2 year contract with Three, my nice new Android phone arrived earlier in the week, to my delight for a mere £13 a month I was getting 200 more minutes, and unlimited internet, great – however the mobile appeared to have a defect with the screen, it was slightly shifted to the right side of the phone and the touch screen kept malfunctioning sometimes entering several characters when I had only pressed one, and also the screen appeared more responsive on the left edge than the right edge almost like it was not calibrated but the mobile didn’t have a calibration option. It took about 4 calls to Three customer services to get a replacement arrange, firstly they said I couldn’t return it because I had used it, then they said I just needed to get used to it and I would then like it, then they tried to say it would need to be repaired, only had it 2 days, anyway trying to explain the problem to them was painful, I had to listen to a long list of terms and conditions about if the mobile is returned damaged, or non faulty the charges I will incur and if I try to cancel my contract now because I have used the mobile I would have to pay the full term minus 10% or something? And that they have sold many of these and they have not heard of my fault before. To be honest they do lie to make a sale, they told me ‘all-you-can-eat’ data was truly unlimited no fair usage policy, but it turns out that isn’t true, they also said they were doing me a special favour by giving me 300 free 3 to 3 minutes to which I pointed out I already got 5000 free 3 to 3 minutes and that was the standard on all the contracts they offered so it wasn’t a special offer to me. Its lucky dip with who you get, some advisors are more helpful than others, some are professional in approach, the majority are not – I hang up on them and ring again to get a different advisor sometimes as they occasional disconnect you when your on hold anyway.

If the replacement goes ahead and the replacement is ok, sealed, new, no defects or faults and they don’t start trying to charge me for the returned one claiming its damaged or whatever I’ll be happy again, at least until the next time I have a problem with my mobile.

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