Friday 20 April 2012

Make sure you keep up payments during your complaint

A word of caution, one of the biggest DO NOTs of making a complaint is to cancel your direct debit (or payments if you pay by giro etc...)  so make sure you keep your payments going even if you think they are in breach of contract and here's why:

  1. Companies like Three are large organisations with strong legal backing so their contracts are usually watertight with regards to missed payments
  2. If you miss a payment it will show up as a default against your credit rating which will have a knock on effect with any loan applications you may be seeking in the future
  3. They could potentially seek the assistance of credit collection agencies which could become one of the most irritating and stressful experiences you can have.
  4. Depending on the severity of your complaint, it may take until your contract is over for your issue to be resolved meaning that all the hassle of cancelling wouldn't have been worth while as you could leave the network anyway!
Remember, if you are right with your complaint then a resolution will be sought out regardless so don't give yourself any aggro!

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Anonymous said...

What would happen if you gave them notice at one of their shops and their staff said "please yourself" and took nothing down. You than complained via their website about their shop staff and said you would stop the monthly agreement. Got no reply in several weeks. Then I cancelled the DD. Two months later, numerous daily phone calls, calls to my wife's line... total harrassment, also intimidating. This was only for an internet dongle where payment was taken in advance - even 2 weeks before monthly billing time.

Frightened to pick up the phone now. Numbers showing as 'private' or 'not known'. When wife was phoned she was waiting in reception for a job interview!!! She feels sick when the phone rings now. We are not even 3 mobile phone customers so where did they get her phone number?

Written but no joy:(

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