Thursday 19 April 2012

Ofcom Releases Latest Mobile Complaints Data

On March 22nd, Ofcom* published data of their most recent complaints data includng mobile services.

Orange came up as the most complained network with 3UK a close 2nd.

As you can see from the chart provided by Ofcom, although Three only came second to Orange in more recent months, their overal performance is still worse than other mobile networks with O2 having the best performance.

They state that Three's high complaints ratio has been driven by the complaints about disputed charges and their customer services.

Full article can be found here: Ofcom Article March 2012

*Ofcom is the UK's telecommunications regulator.

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Dr Abed said...

I purchased a second hand iphone 4 which is open to Network 3. I would like to open the iphone to all networks, as my wife needs it to travel to another country and use a different sim card there. I contact network 3 and asked them to unlock my iphone and they requested a proof of purchase. I e-mail a proof of purchase to I received not confirmation or reply. I contacted network 3 and they told the proof of purchase is not accepted as it is in a written format. I e-mail another copy of the digital format (the format requested was Word document). I called again to find out they were unable to open the document because it has an extension .docx (Microsoft Word 2010 format). I e-mail a jpeg photo of the proof of purchase receipt and also said they could not open it. I now e-mailed them another document. It seems I going in circles and going nowhere.

I forwarded the case to the complaint office and the advisor asked to call from the 3 network and I did that and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then the advisor asked me to call from the shop where I bought the iphone and still refuse to unlock my iphone. Then another advisor asked me to contact Apple and I did. Apple sent me and proof of cover e-mail with details about the iphone and that the iphone is ok and can be insured to myself. 3 Network still refusing to unlock my iphone. 3 Network demanding the orignal receipt, and I wonder why and giving them all the proofs and that the iphone is not stolen or blocked. I

If 3 netork would require the original proof of purchase, they have an obligation to contact the orignal customer who is on their records and get the permission.

It seems to my that I have been messed about with poor customer service and poor support which each advisor telling me different story. These are few of your coustomer support lines:

Get your iphone unlocked for £5 from the web
Go to 3 network and call us from there
Go to the shop and call us from there
We do not accept proof of purchase because it is handwritten
we could not open the digital proof of purchase because we don't have Word 2010
We do not accept the digital proof of purchase because it does not have Apple logo
Get us a letter from Apple
We do not accept the letter from apple
We need to get the orignal proof of purchase
and it goes on

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