Monday 30 April 2012

Complaining to Three Network Ireland

After some demand we've researched into the Three and telecommunications complaints process in Ireland and have written this post to assist users resolve their issues.

As with any complaints procedure you must lodge your complaint with Three Customer Services first using the following methods ensuring you keep records of all your communication in case you need to escalate;

Remember be nice in any correspondence and give as much information as possible, rudeness will not get your complaint resolved!

  1. by phone by dialling 1913 from your handset
  2. By Post to 3 Customer Services, Hutchison 3G Ireland Limited, PO Box 333, Dublin 2. (make sure you use a tracked postal service if posting a letter)
  3. By email to (try and get a read receipt which should be an option with your email client)

Three Ireland claim to handle complaints within 5-10 working days depending on the nature of your claim (i.e. billing, handset etc...) which you can find in their code of practise here: Three Ireland's Code of Practice  (opens a PDF file)

Escalating your complaint with Three

If you feel your complaint has not been handled appropriately, the next step is to escalate with Three in writing to their customer care manager: 3’s Customer Care Manager at Hutchison 3G Ireland Ltd, PO Box 333, Dublin 2

If not satisfied with their response then their Customer services director:
3’s Director of Customer Services at Hutchison 3G Ireland Ltd, 3rd Floor, One Clarendon Row, Dublin

Escalating your Complaint Further

Hopefully you'd have been resolved and compensated by now but if you have reached a dead end with Three then you can escalate the complaint with ComReg, the Commission for Communication Regulation.

They will only deal with your complaint if it's been within the last 9 months and if you've exhausted all avenues with Three themselves. Visit their website for more information about complaining to networks where they will provide details on submitting complaints to them

AskComreg Website or you can call them on 1890 229 668.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Three is a joke! I can never get signal in my own house, Cant ring people cant text people.. I have to walk to the end of my garden just to use my phone but yet three REFUSE to let me out of the contract even though I complain to them every week! I would not recomend them to anyone as they are looking £350 to terrminate my contract but yet my phone is only worth £150! Stay away from three they are nothing but trouble and no help at all! They actully hung up on me one time when I was trying to cancel my contract, Complete JOKES! Not a mobile network at all just rip offs and everyone I know with them say the same.. My friend even quit working for them and went to vodafone that says it all!

Anonymous said...

Awful network speed, truly awful customer service, a disgrace!

Unknown said...

Three dont care there there old costumers. I have 4 contracts with three from 8 years but they dont care about old costumers so they didnt help me on upgrades even they have poor signals around uk ......
So bye three

Unknown said...

Im with three from more then 7 years and i have 4 contracts with three but three dont help on upgrades and three dont care about old costumers any more ....... so im going to leave three this month ........ bye three better luck

Anonymous said...

Very dishonest or unprofessional.
I have unlimited data usage and without warning they put restriction on data usage. First time when calling to customer support they said I have to topup by 20 to lift up the restriction. After loading with 20, restriction still in place. Calling customer support different ball game, saying there is no restriction and there wasn't any before topup either, clear you cache and cookies and everything be back to normal. They do not even want to admit they put data restriction on my account. What a disgrace. Bad dishonest people. Wont recommend

Anonymous said...

I was rang by a 3 sales rep lied to on phone about phone & INTERNET PACKAGE NOW OUT OF POCKET BY 100 EURO STAY AWAY BUNCH OF LIARS IN Mumbai their a bloody disgrace

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